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It's a pretty hard fish to get, so a small guide:

  1. Latch a Bomb onto your hook, and make sure you have the Detonator upgrade along with the Sinker.
  2. Sink down into the Deep, dodging Bombats, and etc. The Bomb Stack is recommended.
  3. Blow the bomb up near the sleeping Bonefish. It'll go up to the surface, and make sure to follow its route.
  4. After some time, you should be able to hook the Bonefish.

After being sold, the Bonefish gives a total of $84,000, more than the Shark, but $1,000 off the Tiger Shark.


Cat Goes Fishing Guide - Bonefish

React video......

Description: Bonefish hibernate in the caverns below the ocean floor, waiting for something to disturb their slumber.

You can find them sleeping down in the deep sea. They can be detected using a Deep Sonar.

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