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Welcome to the Cat Goes Fishing!!! WiThis wiki is dedicated to the relaxing indie game Cat Goes Fishing (available for $6.99 on Steam and free on Android.)


The game follows the fishing adventures of the main character, the aptly named Cat. The game does not have a set storyline or plot and is mainly upgrade based. Although there is no true end to the game, the most expensive and hard to catch fish is the Dragon and is generally considered to be the final fish required for the player to catch.

The description of Cat Goes Fishing on its Steam page:

  • "Start out on an island with a basic rod. Progress into a radar-wielding master fisher-cat scouring the sea for the biggest and baddest fish. Each fish has unique behaviors that you will learn to exploit as you tailor your arsenal of fishing rods to suit your style of play. Mrrrow!"


Cat Goes Fishing was initially released in 2015 by the studio: Cat5Games.

Update History:

  • May 2015 - Realism Mode introduced.
  • April 2016 - night mechanics introduced.
  • February 2017 - caves and coral introduced, minor bug fixes.
  • October 2017 - performance improved.
  • April 2018 - more bug fixes, new fish added.
  • November 2019 - more bugs exterminated


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