Cave Shark

The Cave Shark is one of the hardest fish to catch in Cat Goes Fishing, if not the hardest by some.

Statistics Edit

The Cave Shark's description reads "The Cave Shark spends most of its existence in silent reflection, subsisting only on the occasional stray Bombat."

The Cave Shark:

  • Used to cost $800,000, but toned down to $400,000 after an update
  • Is usually found in one cave, hence the name, Cave Shark.
  • Doesn't do anything unless the player brings around a Bombat.
  • Is an actual nightmare to catch unless you're skilled enough

How to CatchEdit


  • Bomb/Rock
  • Bomb Stack upgrade (Optional but recommended)
  • Lightbulb (Optional but recommended)

In order to catch it, first nab yourself a rock. This requires you have no bombs on. Next, you have to go down to the point where Bombats usually appear. You must get one of them on the hook. Then, go very deep. Shake the bait up and down for a little bit. The Cave Shark will eventually come with aggressive fighting power.

Catching TipsEdit

  • It is not recommended to use a Huge/Mega Hook.
  • It is recommended to have patience while catching it, as it is very tough.


  • The Cave Shark is one of the most expensive fish in the game, just $20,000 above the Nightfish Sire (which is $380,000). Despite this, it is completely outnumbered in terms of cost compared to fish like the Josie and Dragon, which are worth $1,000,000 and $1,500,000 respectively.
  • As far as I am concerned, it used to be worth 800k, but after some updates it now only gives 400k. This hasn't been explained yet.
  • In addition to these updates, the Cave Shark actually is worth less than the Crystalfish, which is $500,000, and the Maw, which is $450,000 after the Halloween update. The Crystalfish was also released in the Halloween update.
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