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The in-game description of the Cowfish

The Cowfish is an early-game orange, slow-moving, large fish, and is often a player's first large fish.


The Cowfish's description reads "This lumbering fish sits around waiting for a snack to float past his face."

The Cowfish:

  • Has a value of $2,500
  • Is quite common, often found in shallow depths, and can even be caught from the shore, with the Basic Rod.
  • Swims slowly, and will gravitate towards and eat bait of any size.

How to Catch


  • Large Bait


  • Huge/Mega Hook
  • Medium Fish

The Cowfish is not especially difficult to catch, and players simply need to avoid attracting other, nearby fish to the lure (and in Realism Mode ensure the line does not break when hooked).


  • The Cowfish shares its name with a real-life species of fish, the Longhorn Cowfish, although their appearances greatly differ
  • It is the cheapest Large Fish in the game, valued at $2,500 compared to the next cheapest - the Seraph at $3,400.