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Cat swimming next to the Dragon in-game.


The Dragon is the second hardest fish to catch, and is tied for most valuable with the Sodafish.

Value: $1,500,000

In-game description:

"The Legendary Dragon is primarily ovivorous. He is highly sensitive to high frequency sound waves." creature, the dragon will only eat eggs, specifically the eggs of the Mamo.

The dragon dislikes high-frequency sound waves, making it avoid fishing lines that are using sonar.

Catching Guide:

- The bare minimum required to catch a Dragon are a rod and a boat with at least two line sink upgrades. Although theoretically possible without, it is recommend to equip the Master Rod as well as the Collier, to maximize speed and maneuverability. Further useful gear can include a lightbulb (optimally paired with the Battery Pack hat to extend the bulb's time).

- The Mamo's egg is located in a cave oftentimes directly below the Dragon's location. In order to get the Egg on your line, you will need to attract the attention of the Dragon by hovering a line with near it. Once the Dragon is chasing your line, you will need to reach the Mamo's nest. Once at the nest, the Mamo will be intimidated by the Dragon and will allow you to steal its egg. The egg can then be brought out of the cave and used to catch the Dragon.

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