Fish can be caught and sold or turned into bait for larger fish. While they are in the water, unless a specific type of Lure is attached, pieces of a fish can be stripped off and eaten by larger fish, leaving bare bones after 3 bites. Normally, bones are worthless, but if you are wearing the Bones Hat, they are worth twice as much as an intact fish. Below is a list of available fish.

Name Description Size Value Location Time
Bombat "These curious creatures live in the caverns. They will attempt to eat anything spherical. Defused if bitten." Small $100 deep sea cave anytime
Cuddlefish "This fish lives near the shore and is the ideal target for novice fishercats." Basic fish. Small $50 near the surface day
Swooper "This fish swims in a predictable swooping pattern." Small $200 near the surface day
Kingfish "This fish and his kin follow their magnificent queen." *They will follow the Queenfish even when she is hooked. Small $350 near the surface day
Roundfin "This simple fish swims in a small circular pattern." Small $400 Near the surface day
Gallina "The Gallina are skittish. They swim in scattered schools surrounding larger fish." Small $900 day
Bulbfish "Fields of Bulbfish light up the dark depths. Catching one intact allows you to harness their light."

*The light will go out if the Bulbfish is damaged. First catch unlocks Lightbulb.

Small $4200 anytime
Puff "Known as Shieldfish in ancient times, the Puff's toxin temporarily stuns fish on touch, though most larger fish will shake off the effects."

*Essential for catching the Swordfish.

Small $1,200 day
Tangfin "The treasured Tangfin is prized for its golden scales." Small $3,200 day
Red Skitter "The alpha Skitter hides behind his flock for safety." Small $12,000 day
Skitter "A common Skitter will spontaneously mutate if the flock's alpha is lost."

*This is likely just flavor text.

Small $1,400 Around red skitter day
Trillow "These peculiar, blue fish swim in a large circle. They are [sic]exceptionally fast and easily startled." Small day
Tetra "Tetra swim in large schools, covering a large swath of the sea as they evade the belligerent [sic] Bagu." Small $4,800 ?
Clownfish "Once thought to be extinct, the secluded Clownfish is quite a valuable catch." Small $40,000 deep sea anytime
Grumper A fast and aggressive fish. Medium $800 Near-surface day
Mustardfish Quite a common fish, that can also be pretty annoying. Medium $450 found near surface anytime
Queenfish Swims near kingfish and if you catch one all the kingfish swim too you so you can catch them easily. Medium $2,500
Gawker Medium $8,400
Sibilfin Usually found being chased by a Turgeon Medium $2,800 day
Beakfish Medium $1,200
Lumina light blue fish that light up the deep. (Sort of) Medium $12,000 deep water
Garump Medium $5,000
Leofish Medium $6,600
Spallow Medium $8,660
Snoutfish Medium
Bullfish Medium $1,600 Deep-sea
Curby Medium
Cowfish Most common large fish. Large $2,500 Everywhere Day
Ray Large
Seraph Large $3,400
Turgeon Large $7,200
Brimble Usually found deep near the shore. If you hook him, he dives down, but if you do this, he sorta loses vision and stops diving. This makes it easy to catch the Brimble. Large Deep down. near the shore Anytime
Georgian Large $11,000
Felish Large $12,500 Deep down. Anytime
Anglerfish Quite easy to find in the deep, since he has an angler, which is basically a beacon Large $14,200 Deep Anytime
Catfin Large $6,500
Trumble Large $9,400
Bagu Large
Torby If you catch all the Torby (basically 2 Torby), they go extinct. Large $100,000
Bonefish Only wakes up upon blowing up a Bomb near it. Large $84,000? Deep, always found sleeping Anytime
Swordfish The Swordfish skewers and steals small fish off of the line. It must be caught using a Puff and a Huge Hook. Huge $400,000 anytime
Tiger Shark Huge $85,000 ?
Maw The Maw feeds on Bulbfish. If you hook the Bulbfish that it's trying to eat, you'll hook it. Huge $140,000 anytime
Shark The first time you hook a Shark, you unlock the Huge Hook. This is essential. Use the huge hook and catch a Medium-sized fish. Lure it near the shark. It will take the bait. Huge $64,000 Deep-sea anytime
Moga The Moga is usually found at the deep sea. It is scared of light, so the Deep Sonar is recommended in place of a Lightbulb. Huge $120,000 anytime
Noctis The Noctis only appears at night. If you hold a medium/large/huge fish on your hook, it will try to tackle it down, making you unable to reel it up, Huge $120,000 Night
Koin A somewhat rare fish which usually swims in schools of 2. In Realism Mode, it fights very hard when caught. Large $240,000 Near the second cottage. anytime
Sodafish "The Sodafish will steal your bait unless you give him something he truly desires." medium $1,500,500 The end of the map ?
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