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The Moga is one of the harder fish to catch on Realism Mode.

In-game description:

The Moga never tires and never sleeps. It is incredibly strong and can easily snap a weak line. Accustomed to life in the dark depths, it is terrified of Lightbulbs.

Can be sold for $180,000.


How to Catch a Moga - Cat Goes Fishing- Caverns and Coral

Catching Guide

In order to catch the Moga, the player will need to obtain a Huge Hook, with Tier 3 bait. Although the Moga is found very deep down in the ocean, it will flee from a player's line that has a lightbulb active. Sonar can be used to tell the fish's location in the place of a lightbulb.

Note: in Realism Mode, the Moga will need to be caught during the night or during a storm to accommodate for its fear of light.


The Moga will follow the boat until it passes the coral reef. Using this knowledge, a player can estimate where the Moga will be at any given time.


The Moga resembles a Sunfish.