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"When threatened, the Stankfin climbs to the top of the caverns for safety."

The Stankfin is a part of the Large Category, It has a cost of $26,000


The Stankfin is located in The Caverns underneath the player near The Bay

Catching Method

The Stankfin has a default Catching Method. Before entering The Caverns make sure to get Large Bait. After lowering into The Caverns Stankfin should be visible after a couple seconds, Stankfin will target you fast but Stankfin are relatively slow.


The Stankfin is a very good starting fish, After getting Sinker you can easily swoop up a couple Stankfin and get some Money, But it isn't the best.

If you are entering The Caverns you can get Stankfin quickly but you can also find Night Fish Sire, Which have more than triple the amount you can get from Stankfin, So if you are entering for Money, go for Night Fish Sire.