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The Swordfish is a Huge fish in Cat Goes Fishing. It sells for $180,000 (excluding exotic bonus) and is quite challenging to catch, especially in Realism Mode.

How to Catch


  • Rockets (optional but recommended if you don't have a boat)
  • Bombs (optional, as you could use Crankbait instead, however it's still possible with none)
  • Patience (required as finding a Puff might take some time)
  • Small/medium bait (Only if you have Bait Guard on your fishing rod)

Catching the Swordfish

Step 1: Make sure your hook is in the area near the Puff's spawn point, which is around the distance where the Tangfin and Gallina live. It is recommended to use a boat as your rod may come back to your cat before it hooks onto a Puff, so catching the puff might take several tries.

Step 2: Catch the Puff. Stay calm.

Don't reel in the Puff. You might think you should do that, but the only fish that can eat the Puff is the swordfish itself. If you have the Sinker upgrade, you may need to reel it in gently so that it doesn't sink to a darker zone. If you reel it in all the way, casting it out again will turn the Puff into medium bait which it cannot eat.

Step 3: Wait until you see the swordfish start jumping across your screen. Make sure you're in a somewhat deep depth (about as deep as it takes to stop seeing your boat or the surface). If it doesn't come within around 20 seconds, try moving horizontally.

Step 4: Wait until the Swordfish pokes the Puff you have on your hook. Then, the music will stop and the GUI will vanish. It fights quite hard, but once you reel it in, profit!


  • This fish used to cost around $200,000 more before a recent update.